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Best suited for Professional conference users – Unlock all features. Call phone numbers anywhere in the globe. Add PSTN credits based on your requirements.

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Any Network

Fixed line, Mobile, Wi-Fi, Data

Get dialled into a conference on any available mobile, fixed, Wi-Fi and data network

All Platforms

iOS, Android, and Web

Built for conferencing on-the-move on any platform

All In One App

Unified meeting solutions

Single app for audio or video conferencing, as well as chatting and file sharing

Conference Recording

Conference call audit trails

By default conference recording enabled and available to organizer

Chat & File Share


Transfer files and chat with your contacts

Call Quality

Real-time conference call analysis

In-app recommendation to switch network in case of connectivity issues

Auto Dial Out

Intelligent system Dial-out

Dials organizer and participants at one go

Hybrid Call

Call on Data or Phone

Enables fusion of data and voice on a conference call

Smart Phonebook

Add participants from phonebook

Pick conference participants by email id or phone number from your phonebook

In Call Management

Manage On-call/Off-call

Complete call controls like adding participants to an ongoing conference call

Call Me

Get connected

Use ‘Call Me’ to get connected instantly

Any Smart Connected Device

Mobile, Tablet, or PC

Manage your conference call from any smart connected device like mobile, tablet, or PC

Single sign on

Use your LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook account to sign up in one click


Schedule and view conferences, get notifications about upcoming conferences from within your Slack channel

Conference Recording Repository

Conference recording can be pushed to your personalized Dropbox and Google Drive accounts

Available for
iOS & Android

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